Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Christmas FOTD #4

Merry Christmas to all out there and I hope Santa got you everything you ever wished for! Today thought I'd show you my "Christmas face". Very plain and simple no makeup look.

Currently Loving

I've seen posts like this for a while going around so I thought it would be quite a fun thing to do. This weeks favourite loves are:

Friday, 20 December 2013

A Mini LUSH Haul

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you would surely know how excited I was when my LUSH order arrived on Tuesday - so much so that I nearly hugged the delivery guy when I saw what he was carrying. I thought I'd show you what all I ordered and get you excited (hopefully) about reviews on each one of them soon.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Skin Saviours

So I will be the first one to say that I do not have perfect skin. In fact mine has a few bumps, pimples and redness and its just oh so annoying. Now in summer my skin gets a hell of a lot worse in my opnion, because of the sweat and oil build up (eww). I have a few not-so-secretive-secrets that I use almost daily to keep my skin in check and makes my skin feel cleaner.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

RiRi Loves Mac Her Cocoa Palette Looks

As I'm sure you all know I got the Her Cocoa Palette last week and I've been playing around with it non stop. Its such a beautiful palette, I had trouble coming to grips with the fact that I actually had to disturb its beauty with my eyeshadow brush in order to actually use it. Now as said before (in this post) this is my first step into the world of Mac and boy is it a good 'un.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Clarins Eau des Jardins Perfume

You'll find it interesting (if you are big into your perfume or even not) that Clarins actually formulated this perfume not just as a pretty, summer fragrance but to be worn in the sun safely. A lot of perfumes formulas have psoralens.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Some Bedroom Changes

I've been feeling the need for a few changes in my room. I'm in my room most of the time, its like my little sanctuary and I know this isn't a beauty related posts but I'd like to start doing a few posts like this.

Friday, 6 December 2013

RiRi Loves Mac Her Cocoa Palette and 217 Brush

Guess what arrived yesterday?? I was beyond excited with a man with a black box came to drop this off. This will be my first step into the world of MAC and yes it had to be this that I bought...

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Summer Series: Body

To me summer is all about a smooth, soft, bronzed body thats (almost) beach body ready. These products that I've chosen have helped with getting a smooth and glowy body.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

November Favourites

Who would think that its already the 3rd of December already? This year has flown by at a highly fast pace, hardly even have time to blink without the months just whizzing by. With that said its time for another monthly favourites and it felt as if I had just put up my October favourites just last week.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette

The Catrice Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette is such a tricky one for me to be honest. Don't get me wrong the colours are perfect for nude eyes and they are shimmery and matte but the pigment and crumbly-ness of the palette throws me a bit...

Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

I don't know about you but I struggle to find gifts for guys. They're easy but difficult to buy for because unlike girls, who have a unlimited wish list, men tend to have pretty much everything they could ever need/want. Most boys/men, I've noticed, have a lot of electronic equipment and lets face it some of them could use an extra pair of jeans instead of new Xbox games. I've put a more personal gift list for men together for you to use as a guide line for those men in your lives.

Chritmas Gift Ideas For Her

So as I'm sure you all know Christmas is literally one month away and I figured since its most South African's pay day today, why not do a Christmas gift idea post? Like most, I am so confused as what to buy people for Christmas so hopefully this helps. I would personally love everything on this list and I'm sure theres something for mostly everyone here like moms, moms in law, girlfriends etc.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Summer Series: Skincare

The second post to The Summer Series is on skincare. I like to change my skincare products as per the seasons as the different seasons affect my skin quite dramatically. These are my staples for summer with a few randoms added in whenever I feel like my skin needs something else.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Budget Beauty: New Garnier BB Cream

I'M REPOSTING THIS AS SOMEHOW THIS TURNED INTO A DRAFT WHEN I RE-EDITED MY BLOG. The new Garnier BB cream designed for people with combination to oily skin. What a beauty. I featured this in my October favourites and a FOTD post AND in my The Summer Series: Makeup post. I've been promising to do a full review for a while now so its finally here...

Sunday's FOTD #3

Thought I should share with you what makeup I was wearing yesterday. I am wearing exactly the same makeup today so I guess it can be todays FOTD but I took photos of yesterdays face and I felt like I would be lying if I said its todays face when the pictures are from yesterday. Anyways I digress...

Avon Instinct For Her Perfume

Avon Instinct For Her perfume is a tough one for some. There are so many mixed reviews about this perfume but I for one love it.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Face Of The Day #2

Second FOTD featuring my much raved about Avon Glow Blush and Bronze Duo. Also a new BB cream and concealer thrown in the mix.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

The Body Shops Seaweed range is quickly becoming my cup of tea. As I said before in a previous review the seaweed range is aimed at combination to oily skin. This mask is best for deeply cleansing and detoxifying the skin which us right up my street.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I Love Summer! Tag

"Palm Trees, Ocean Breeze, Salty Air, Sun Kissed Hair, Endless Summer, Take Me There."

I've seen the I Love Summer! Tag doing its rounds everywhere lately so I decided to join and answer a series of questions regarding summer that have been floating around. Hope you enjoy! I tag anyone who sees this to do this tag! :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Summer Series: Makeup

Since its soon to be summer in my hemisphere; I thought I should put together a series of blog posts dedicated to what to wear and use during the hot summer weather. I've seperated it all into makeup, skincare, body and hair. This post is the makeup post.

Monday, 4 November 2013

October Favourites

My October favourites this month isn't very many products and its mixed between skin care, hair care and makeup. I've been trying out my fair share of products lately so heres what made the cut...

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Budget Beauty: The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator

The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator - R99.

 The Body Shop seaweed range is aimed mainly for people with combination to oily skin. This exfoliator is incredible. Its oil and soap free which helps control sebum but it doesn't strip my skin too much and leave it dry and tight.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Avon Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo

Avon Blusher Bronzer Duo in Rose Glow - R149.95

This duo is part of the Avon Glow range aimed at having a bronzed glowy skin that is great for summer. Its packaged in a dark gold, reddish bronze box and the actual compact is the same colour. It comes with a generously sized square mirror inset at the top which is pretty rare lately.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dove Intensive Repair Deep Repair Treatment Mask

Dove Intensive Repair Deep Repair Mask - R52.99

I think our hair definitely defines us and if your hair looks dry and dull; you're not going to give off a very good first impression. Although I'm not saying don't embrace messy hair if messy hair is your thing but at least have healthy looking messy hair.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Fair - R105.00

I was surprised with this concealer as I didn't expect it to work so well. It has a runny consistency which is great for blending out and it makes it easy to work with. It does provide quite a heavy coverage but it looks natural so dark under eye circles are a thing of the past.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bioderma Sebium AI Intensive Care

 Bioderma Sebium AI Intensive Care - R167.95.

Oh the lovely world of French skincare. Bioderma has to be the best skincare range out there if you ask me and this AI cream is probably their best creation. This cream is specifically for acne-prone skin. It helps get rid of the bacteria that causes inflammation of spots.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The 5 Minute Face

Ever wake up and discover you have ten minutes to get yourself ready for the day ahead? I'm guilty of waking up and not putting makeup on and just heading out the door makeup-less...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Life Update & Skin Care

Hello everyone! I'm back! I decided to come back on the 1st of a new month to get a proper fresh start on life and my blog. I'm not going to be posting very often just once in a while to get back on track and I don't want to push myself too hard or put too much pressure on myself. Its been a really hard and long month but I'm slowly getting there after a long time. I feel like I'm becoming myself again but not really if that makes sense...?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

An Update: Life Lately

I'm going to start by saying that I'm going to very scarce around here for a while. I don't want to advertise my personal life especially when my blog is so public but I am going through personal problems and I'm just not happy and I can't do things that I love anymore because I'm so unhappy. My whole life changed on Sunday and I'm still currently trying to come to terms with it - if I ever come to terms with it. It's going to be a while so please bare with me here. I will be around soon and get into a different routine to get me going again but for now I need to be by myself and have time to think about everything and I don't want to do things that remind me of everything before Sunday and unfortunately this includes my blog because it'll just ruin the healing process. I will be back soon though and hopefully I'll be stronger so don't stress. I will update you again in a while and let you know my plans for the blog once I've cleared my head.

Chat again soon.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Budget Beauty: Freeman Beauty Pineapple Enzyme Mask

This is my second product from the Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful range and once again I'm not left disappointed. I have another mask which I did a full review on here and that mask made me want to try other products from their range. It was about R15 more expensive than the last mask but thats expected because the first mask was bought a while ago and bought at the local Dischem store.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Clarins Cleansing Milk

The Clarins Cleansing Milk - R265.

Now this stuff is what makes me want more and more Clarins products. I bought this on a limb because I've been looking for a cleanser that doesn't dry out my skin and milks usually do the trick without making skin overly oily. This cleanser is specifically for combination or oily skin and you do get cleansing milks for dry and normal skin so its for everyone. I really can't describe how much I love this product, its so soft on the skin and it really cleans my skin of impurities while moisturising and removing excess makeup. As you can see this contains all natural products that are good for the skin and doesn't involve harsh chemicals that could irritate the skin. It contains Bio-ecolia which preserves the skins balance, vitamins A and E which improves your skins quality over time, Gentian which tones and heals your skin with its healing properties, Iris and Hawthorn which helps decongest your skin leaving it clean and lastly Hydrophilic acids which help cleanse the skin. All good and healthy ingredients that love your skin.

The product is very thick but almost watery and silky when applied to the skin. I literally use a pea sized amount as it spreads easy and you can feel how clean your skin feels and once your skin is dry, the skin doesn't pull or feel tight in anyway. I first remove my makeup with my trusty Bioderma (how I like love that stuff!) and a cotton pad and then wet my face and apply the cleansing milk to my skin and rub it in circular motions into my skin. It gradually thickens while washing your face and neck. Its so gentle that I can use my ring finger and gently remove excess eye makeup from the eye area and it doesn't burn my eyes or irritate them in any way. I then use a "harsher" face wash afterwards (if need be) as I feel that the cleansing milk isn't really a face wash but more of a light cleanser.

I can feel and see the difference in my skin after using the cleansing milk diligently. My skin feels softer and more moisturised and I don't have dry patches like I used to get and its controlled the oil production in my skin and keeps small breakouts at bay. I wouldn't say this helps get rid of pimples or blackheads as such but it does clean the skin properly which definitely helps to prevent pimples and blackheads. I wouldn't recommend this though if you have acne prone skin and want to focus on that instead, although this does help in the long run as it keeps skin clean. This is a great cleanser if you're looking for something light that helps dry and oily skin and works great to remove excess makeup and dirt from your skin.


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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Clarins Promotion

About two weeks ago Clarins had a promotion where you buy two products, one being a lotion and one a serum or toner and you get a free bag, Eau de Jardins and two free sample products of your choice. I'm a bad beauty blogger though. I didn't even know that Clarins was running a promotion, apparently there were adverts on TV and in magazines but I didn't even know about it until I went to the Clarins stall one Saturday (I wasn't planning on buying anything either) and the sales girl told me about it... well I couldn't say no to an offer like that, now could I and the sales girl really was good. So for literally 10 minutes or longer the sales girl and I stood there discussing the different products that Clarins had to offer, what was best for my skin and what I wanted out of the products and I ended up walking out with two Daily Energizer products, a free bag, perfume and two free samples... I was happy as can be, although my bank account wasn't.

Now I love this bag, its a great size and great for piling in a few things in on the go if you're going to the beach or a day out. The Eau de Jardins perfume is a winner! It smells so good and you can smell it all day. It's supposed to uplift, refresh and captivate and let me tell you, it does all of the aforementioned but I will do a single post about that later once I know exactly how to describe it - yes its that good. The two free samples that I got was the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream and the Beauty Flash Balm. I chose the hand and nail cream for my mom because shes a sucker for hand creams and I don't really like hand creams. They leave my hands greasy and I just don't like the feel of cream on my hands - cringe. My mom says it softens your hands from the first use and it really sinks in so there's no feeling of grease on your hands. I chose the Beauty Flash Balm as I've heard so many good things about it and before going out and buying a full version I wanted to try it first. So far so good but I've only used it twice and I haven't fully formed an opinion yet so I will do a seperate post about that soon. The two Daily Energizer products are great so far and again I will do a seperate post for these two.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

NYX The Runway Collection Eyeshadow

I hope all South Africans enjoyed the extra public holiday yesterday and had a well deserved long weekend but unfortunately we have to get back to reality and start our four day week... Isn't it funny how quickly you form a habit of relaxing and sleeping in late, wasn't it so hard to get out of bed this morning and not be in a bad mood? I all but fell out the bed this morning and on went the heater and kettle while dragging my feet around the house to get ready. Hardest thing I've ever done today truely but anyways I digress...

The NYX Runway Collection eyeshadow in Caviar and Bubbles - R119.95 from Clicks. What a cute name! These colours are the perfect shades for a neutral or smokey eye and come with a nice sized mirror so you can do your makeup on the go and the sleek black packaging is so pretty I could stare at it all day. They range from shimmery colours to a few matte colours and I love that you can mix two colours together to get a really awesome colour and I must say I use every colour except the black - black looks way to harsh on my eyes and makes them look sunken in which is not a great look. I use these to create a very natural barely there look or a subtle smokey eye, I really love all the neutral colours on my eyes, I'm such a sucker for neutral eyeshadows. As you can see from my swatches the last photo shows the bottom row of colours and you can see the bottom row has very pigmented colours while the top row are very subtle with a mix of shimmery and matte but still pigmented enough for a subtle but buildable look. These eyeshadows are very soft and creamy, they spread very well and last throughout the day. They give a nice healthy pop of colour and the shimmery eyeshadows aren't full of glitter, they're more of a soft shine which is great as I really don't suit overly shimmery shades. Over all this is a great palette that offers a wide range of looks and have gone onto my repurchase list.


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Friday, 14 June 2013

The Body Shop Body Mist

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist - R110. Wow this stuff is to die for! I'm a real sucker for anything that smells of vanilla and this body mist is just so lovely. The smell lasts for ages and you get random whiffs of it throughout the day. This vanilla body mist isn't too sickly sweet like those perfumed deodarants, its more like a pure vanilla scent. If you spray too much on then I guess it will be sweet but I just spray three or four sprays (two in my hair and two on my clothes as the scent lasts longer in your hair and fibres of your clothes than on your skin). I like that you don't need to carry around the bottle in your handbag for a re-spray throughout the day because it really does last that long so that's a bonus as this bottle is quite big and heavy to carry around in your bag, plus its glass so it could break very easy. I got this in February for my birthday from Stephen and I'm only like a 1/4 way through the bottle only. Honestly this is a repurchase for me, I really love it! No bad word to say at all and a big big bonus The Body Shop is animal cruelty free!


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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What's On My Nails #6 // Swift Sherbet

Avon Speed Dry 30+ in Swift Sherbet - R87.95

This is my favourite colour of all time. I have never found a colour like this, I was instantly attracted to it when I googled pictures of this colour and I wanted it then and there. It was actually on special when I got it so it only costed me R49.95 but the usual price is R87.95.

Its a very summery pastel orange that looks great against my skin colour and makes my nails pop. I was definitely impressed with this one more than the other one from this range in Vamp It Up (see full review here) which lasted only two days with a base coat and top coat. I've worn this nail polish twice now and both times it has lasted five days until the first chip appeared. Two coats of this are required as the first coat is pigmented but streaky. The formula is quite thick and easy to spread not very watery like Vamp It Up (I don't mind it watery as it spreads better.) Also this nail polish didn't dry in 30 seconds like the other nail polish it only took 10 seconds longer, which still is better than waiting for 5 minutes before you can apply the next coat, I think it took longer because the formula is thicker. By far my favourite nail polish this month especially if I've worn it twice already!


Monday, 10 June 2013

May Favourites

So today I'm doing my May favourites, there's not too many products that really stood out to me last month but these are definitely the winners for May and every other month. It's a real mix of all products ranging from hair to skin to nails, I love it when that happens!

Anyways my favourites for May are:

Clarins Cleansing Milk
Catrice Cosmetics Infinite Matt Makeup in 010 Light Beige
A Beauty Blender dupe (see full review here)
Avon Speed Dry+ in Vamp It Up (see full review here)
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick
Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula (mini size)
Tip Top Protein Base Coat

I've been using the Clarins Cleansing Milk for about two months now and I can really feel a difference in my skin. It hydrates my skin but not too much that it makes it oily and it removes excess makeup and cleans your skin. My skin hasn't felt so soft and hydrated in a long time and I'll be doing a full review once I'm completed satisfied.
The Catrice Infinite Matt Makeup is the perfect shade for me. I've also been using this for about two months and I'm completely sold. It's so easy to apply and its matte so it doesn't make my t-zone shiny but its also not that matte where you skin is flaky and visibly dry, it still provides hydration. I would say this is medium coverage and is definitely buildable and I find that it covers dark circles like never before while also brightening the eye area. It covers redness and blemishes (with a little help from concealer) but it still looks natural because it allows your freckles to show through it. I find I get the best look out of it when I use my Beauty Blender dupe which has also made it to my May Favourites without hesitation. It blends foundation out so well and almost gives it a sheer, dewy effect when the sponge is damp.
The Avon Speed Dry nail polish is my favourite colour and I love that it really does dry in 30 seconds, I just wish it would last longer.
The Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick is a no brainer. These lipsticks are so soft and hydrating to your lips and provide such a nice colour on your lips.
Advance Techniques conditioner is a conditioner that I don't think I'd be able to live without anytime soon. This make the ends of my hair so soft and shiny and manageable that I can't stop playing with my hair after I wash it. And paired with the shampoo these two are a killer team.
The Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula is one that surprised me. I really don't like the smell of a chocolate cream, nor do I like smelling like chocolate, for some reason I find the smell quite nauseating. Anyways like I said this surprised me. I thought I wouldn't like it just based on the smell but I reach for it all the time because of how soft it makes my skin during these cold days and I've gotten used to the smell now. My skin is visibly smoother and I'm definitely getting a bigger sized bottle though.
The Tip Top protein base coat is my favourite. It doesn't allow coloured nail polish to stain my nails and it makes nail polish last for longer. I've worn this on its own too and it has an incredible shine too while making your nails feel stronger. Repurchase again and again.

So those are my favourites for last month and I can't wait to see what this month brings for me!


Friday, 7 June 2013

Budget Beauty: Clicks Cosmetic Sponge Spin Top

So we've all heard about the famous Beauty Blender and the mixed reviews about it in the blogger world. Personally I don't think the real Beauty Blender is worth it. Its like over R100 for a sponge, I'm not sure how they can justify that price, I think its ridiculous. A lot of people say its worth every cent and a lot of people say its a waste because they've used it once but I can't comment on that since I don't own a Beauty Blender. Whatever the comments I've found a cheaper version of the Beauty Blender and it works!

I've always used my hands to blend in my foundation because fingers can blend foundation out a lot better and you can feel the contours of your face easier then I'd use a cheap (clean!) triangular sponge and dab it everywhere to suck up extra foundation that was just sitting on my skin. I use this Cosmetic Sponge Spin Top from Clicks (R24.90) in the same way that I would use the cheap sponge because I find that this doesn't really blend in foundation properly on its own (it's only down fall) so I still use my hands and fingertips to spread the foundation over my skin and then this little pink egg of a magician steps in. Honestly this sponge just rocks my socks right off. I first wet it and then squeeze it out in a towel so that its damp and it expands a little bigger then you bounce it on your skin with the bottom side of the egg and it blends out the foundation naturally and it gives your skin a fresher look to it (don't ask me how maybe because its damp but I've tested it against my normal sponge and the normal sponge just made the foundation look flat) and the pointed side of the egg is perfect for blending the concealer under your eyes and by your nose. Also just a tip don't "wipe" your foundation with this rather bounce it even when you're blending in concealer. When you wipe it across your face you're just wiping your foundation off and bouncing it takes the excess off while blending it in.

Honestly I am SO happy with this sponge! My foundation and concealer have never looked more natural and blended. I'm in love and have abondoned foundation and concealer brushes and all my cheap sponges. It's just my hands and this pink egg now forever together... haha!

Happy Friday!

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