Wednesday, 3 July 2013

An Update: Life Lately

I'm going to start by saying that I'm going to very scarce around here for a while. I don't want to advertise my personal life especially when my blog is so public but I am going through personal problems and I'm just not happy and I can't do things that I love anymore because I'm so unhappy. My whole life changed on Sunday and I'm still currently trying to come to terms with it - if I ever come to terms with it. It's going to be a while so please bare with me here. I will be around soon and get into a different routine to get me going again but for now I need to be by myself and have time to think about everything and I don't want to do things that remind me of everything before Sunday and unfortunately this includes my blog because it'll just ruin the healing process. I will be back soon though and hopefully I'll be stronger so don't stress. I will update you again in a while and let you know my plans for the blog once I've cleared my head.

Chat again soon.