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Monday, 8 April 2013

Strawberry and Banana Smoothies

I thought I should try doing a mixture of posts instead of only make up related posts as I find a variety so much better. I have a mad love for smoothies, chocolate and strawberries. They are so refreshing and healthy and they taste so good. My favourite smoothie is the strawberry and banana smoothie. The mix of strawberries and bananas are odd (I never would've thought these two would taste good together!) but enticing. This recipe is simple and you don't need a ton of ingredients - bonus!

What you will need:

A blender has to be the most important one - no blender; no smoothies!
1 x 250g punnet of strawberries that must be hulled and washed.
2 over ripe bananas - or more if you want to taste more banana.
750ml (3 cups) of milk - I use vanilla ice cream so that its thicker as I find the milk makes it too watery and I like thick smoothies. Just add however much ice cream you want depending on how thick you want it.
260g (1 cup) smooth vanilla yoghurt or strawberry yoghurt - add strawberry yoghurt if you want a stronger strawberry taste.
Ice cubes - this wasn't listed in the orginal recipe I found but I like to add some ice cubes in it for some "crunchy-ness" and so that its a lot more cooler. Add how many ever ice cubes you want, theres no limit.


Cut the strawberries in half so that the blender can cut them easier.
Slice up the bananas into big or small pieces depending on how chunky you wanted your smoothie to be.
Place the strawberries, bananas, milk or ice cream and the vanilla or strawberry yoghurt into the blender. Blend for a short while but not so that everything is mushed up, add some ice cubes and blend again until the mixture is smooth and the ice cubes are broken into little pieces but not completely disintergrated.

Serve immediately while its still cold and viola!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and will use it when a warm day comes your way!

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*Please note if you are using milk for this recipe only add half the milk into the mixture the first time you blend and then add the rest in the second time you blend.
*The image is not my own. It was taken off via Google images. When I made these smoothies I did not take a photo as I had these smoothies before I had a blog.