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Monday, 10 June 2013

May Favourites

So today I'm doing my May favourites, there's not too many products that really stood out to me last month but these are definitely the winners for May and every other month. It's a real mix of all products ranging from hair to skin to nails, I love it when that happens!

Anyways my favourites for May are:

Clarins Cleansing Milk
Catrice Cosmetics Infinite Matt Makeup in 010 Light Beige
A Beauty Blender dupe (see full review here)
Avon Speed Dry+ in Vamp It Up (see full review here)
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick
Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula (mini size)
Tip Top Protein Base Coat

I've been using the Clarins Cleansing Milk for about two months now and I can really feel a difference in my skin. It hydrates my skin but not too much that it makes it oily and it removes excess makeup and cleans your skin. My skin hasn't felt so soft and hydrated in a long time and I'll be doing a full review once I'm completed satisfied.
The Catrice Infinite Matt Makeup is the perfect shade for me. I've also been using this for about two months and I'm completely sold. It's so easy to apply and its matte so it doesn't make my t-zone shiny but its also not that matte where you skin is flaky and visibly dry, it still provides hydration. I would say this is medium coverage and is definitely buildable and I find that it covers dark circles like never before while also brightening the eye area. It covers redness and blemishes (with a little help from concealer) but it still looks natural because it allows your freckles to show through it. I find I get the best look out of it when I use my Beauty Blender dupe which has also made it to my May Favourites without hesitation. It blends foundation out so well and almost gives it a sheer, dewy effect when the sponge is damp.
The Avon Speed Dry nail polish is my favourite colour and I love that it really does dry in 30 seconds, I just wish it would last longer.
The Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick is a no brainer. These lipsticks are so soft and hydrating to your lips and provide such a nice colour on your lips.
Advance Techniques conditioner is a conditioner that I don't think I'd be able to live without anytime soon. This make the ends of my hair so soft and shiny and manageable that I can't stop playing with my hair after I wash it. And paired with the shampoo these two are a killer team.
The Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula is one that surprised me. I really don't like the smell of a chocolate cream, nor do I like smelling like chocolate, for some reason I find the smell quite nauseating. Anyways like I said this surprised me. I thought I wouldn't like it just based on the smell but I reach for it all the time because of how soft it makes my skin during these cold days and I've gotten used to the smell now. My skin is visibly smoother and I'm definitely getting a bigger sized bottle though.
The Tip Top protein base coat is my favourite. It doesn't allow coloured nail polish to stain my nails and it makes nail polish last for longer. I've worn this on its own too and it has an incredible shine too while making your nails feel stronger. Repurchase again and again.

So those are my favourites for last month and I can't wait to see what this month brings for me!


Monday, 27 May 2013

What's On My Nails #5 // Absolutely Blue

Essence Colour & Go Absolutely Blue - R24.95
Tip Top Nail Chic Protein Base Coat - R41.50

The Essence Colour & Go range is a quick drying nail polish. Personally I don't find it dries all that quickly but it dries quicker than normal nail polish. The colour I got was Absolutely Blue, I was stuck with this colour and a minty colour when I bought this. Eventually I put down the minty colour and I got this instead because I have a minty colour already and I had nothing like this colour - it was pretty hard to put down that mint colour though! This colour is like a powdery, blue and almost bordering on slight purple. I love this colour, its so pretty, feminine and it draws attention to your nails without being too "in your face".

I first tried this colour without a base coat or a top coat and it lasted a day literally - that was my fault too but generally Essence nail polishes don't have the longest staying power - I wish Essence nail polishes lasted for longer than two days because they have such great colours. I then applied this Tip Top protein base coat, that I got when I bought this Essence nail polish, the second time I painted my nails and this really makes a difference! When you remove your nail polish it makes the nail polish just glide off instead of you having to vigorously rub it off and it also protected my nails from getting stained. It made my nail polish last for an extra day too which is great for the Essence nail polishes.

All in all I think I'll only buy Essence nail polishes because of their wide range of beautiful colours and because they are very affordable but I wouldn't buy it if you're looking for something that'll last longer than two days. The Tip Top Protein Base Coat is excellent, easy to apply and at R40 a pop its very afforable for a product that works so well. Tip Top also have a wide range of colours and the base coat has convinced me to try their nail polishes out very soon.


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