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Friday, 7 June 2013

Budget Beauty: Clicks Cosmetic Sponge Spin Top

So we've all heard about the famous Beauty Blender and the mixed reviews about it in the blogger world. Personally I don't think the real Beauty Blender is worth it. Its like over R100 for a sponge, I'm not sure how they can justify that price, I think its ridiculous. A lot of people say its worth every cent and a lot of people say its a waste because they've used it once but I can't comment on that since I don't own a Beauty Blender. Whatever the comments I've found a cheaper version of the Beauty Blender and it works!

I've always used my hands to blend in my foundation because fingers can blend foundation out a lot better and you can feel the contours of your face easier then I'd use a cheap (clean!) triangular sponge and dab it everywhere to suck up extra foundation that was just sitting on my skin. I use this Cosmetic Sponge Spin Top from Clicks (R24.90) in the same way that I would use the cheap sponge because I find that this doesn't really blend in foundation properly on its own (it's only down fall) so I still use my hands and fingertips to spread the foundation over my skin and then this little pink egg of a magician steps in. Honestly this sponge just rocks my socks right off. I first wet it and then squeeze it out in a towel so that its damp and it expands a little bigger then you bounce it on your skin with the bottom side of the egg and it blends out the foundation naturally and it gives your skin a fresher look to it (don't ask me how maybe because its damp but I've tested it against my normal sponge and the normal sponge just made the foundation look flat) and the pointed side of the egg is perfect for blending the concealer under your eyes and by your nose. Also just a tip don't "wipe" your foundation with this rather bounce it even when you're blending in concealer. When you wipe it across your face you're just wiping your foundation off and bouncing it takes the excess off while blending it in.

Honestly I am SO happy with this sponge! My foundation and concealer have never looked more natural and blended. I'm in love and have abondoned foundation and concealer brushes and all my cheap sponges. It's just my hands and this pink egg now forever together... haha!

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Face Of The Day #1

Excuse the fluffy eyebrows - I'm growing them out!

So this is my first FOTD so I apologise if its crappy! I am so excited to get my first FOTD up on my blog, I'm literally smiling from ear to ear - weird I know but its a big step for me because I'm so nervous to put my face on the internet for the world to see in case of judgement and all of that but I am overcoming my nervousness and just doing it! A lot of these products I got recently so I'm still busy testing them out and will do a full review on each of them soon. Now to get down to the actual post.

Products used:
Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner
Avon Extra Lasting Concealer Stick in Medium Deep
Catrice Infinite Matt Make Up in 010 Light Biege
Essence Sun Club Matte Brunette Bronzer
Catrice Defining Blush in peach
Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder
Essence Eyeshadow in Blockbuster
NYX Eyeshadow Palette The Runway Collection
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Catrice Eyebrow Stylist
Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 103
Eyelash Curler and various brushes

Basic Process:
I use the Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner on my nose, chin, cheeks and eyelids and under my eyes. I find those places need more priming done than other places on my face. I use my fingers and pat it on.
I apply the Avon Extra Lasting Concealer Stick under my eyes and on any red places or places that need touch ups. Its very creamy and covers quite well. I then use my Cala concealer brush to blend it in everywhere.
Next is the Catrice Infinite Matt Make Up which I apply with my hands and then blend it in with a sponge and then buff it in circular motions with my Kabuki brush. The sponge is very much like the Beauty Blender just not as great and not as expensive.
I then run my brush lightly through the Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzer and tap off excess powder and apply it in the "hollows" of my cheeks (just under the cheek bone) and blend it in. I also apply bronzer just under my chin and from my temples and in my hairline. You have to blend in very well otherwise you'll look odd.
I then lightly again run my brush through the Catrice Defining Blush (and I really mean lightly because you'll come out looking way too pink...) and apply it on my cheek bones. I usually leave it only on my cheek bones but I spread it out to the apples of my cheeks today because I'm looking a bit pale today as I'm not feeling well but usually its just applied on my cheek bones.
I then take the Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder and apply it to the tops of my cheek bones, down my nose and on my cupids bow. This really helps to make your face glow.
For my eyes I use the Essence Eyeshadow in Blockbuster as a base for my eyeshadow. It's a really light, creamy colour that evens out the eyes.
I used the NYX palette for my look and I used gold and pink for my whole eye and blended it in well. I then used a semi grey-brown colour in the creases of my eyes to define them a bit.
I use my eyelash curler to curl my lashes and then used one coat of the Maybelline Great Lash mascara because I wanted my lashes to look long and curled but natural.
I then use my Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder and put it in the inner corner of my eye to make my eyes look wide awake and bright. I use my Essence smoky eye brush in circular motions to blend in the highlighter and my eyeshadow.
I use my Catrice Brow Stylist to fill in and shape my brows as my eyebrows have gone funny lately and they are so messy and gappy so I'm growing them out and going for a wax to get them back.
Lastly I apply a balm and then some Rimmel Kate lipstick to finish the look.

So that's my look for today and mainly everyday, its very simple and doesn't require a ton of products although it looks like a lot, its not really. I like a very natural, barely there look that allows my freckles to still show through.

Do you do a similar look? What's your everyday makeup?

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Pluck Perfect

I always used to get my eyebrows waxed and now I just pluck them because I learnt how to do it properly and I'm saving a lot more money without using wax. Anyways I have 10 tips for you on how to get perfectly plucked eyebrows.

1. You have to use the right tweezers. They must be sharp and slanted so that they can grip the little hairs. If you don't have the right tweezers its not going to be an easy job.

2. The trick is to pluck your eyebrows after you have showered/bathed. The warm water will help open your pores and soften the hair follicles making it easier for the hair to just slip out.
3. Don't use one of those magnifying glasses. They tend to make it look like there are more hairs which leads to over plucking. Use a normal mirror and step back a few steps to track your progress. Also use a mirror that is surrounded by a lot of light so you can see the hairs.
4. Your eyebrows should begin just to the side of your tear duct (so towards your nose), the arch should start on the outer side of your iris (the coloured bit of your eye) and end 45 degrees from the outer corner of your eye.

5. Create the shape of your eyebrow by drawing it on with a brow pencil and then start plucking hair that is out of the drawing.
6. Don't force your brow shape. If you don't have a high arch you can't make one properly. Work with what you have and, if anything, keep your natural shape but just neaten it up.
7. Put a soothing cream on once you've finished plucking and it'll soothe the burn feeling that you get and the redness on your brows.
8. Brush your eyebrows with a brow brush to see your shape and if you've missed any stray hairs. Fill in sparse spaces with an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow colour- don't worry we all have sparse spaces.
10. If you've overplucked then you can always fill in the spaces with the eyebrow pencil and don't pluck your eyebrows until they have grown back in.

Hope this helped!
Now get plucking :)

 *please note the second picture of the eye is not mine. It was the most decent diagram I could find on Google.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Essence Eye Routine

As you may have noticed I have changed my blog name and address to "dimples and beauty" as it seemed to be more related to the type of posts that I do than my last blog name.
Essence 3-in-1 Concealer

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

I was putting on my makeup yesterday and I realized that I was using all Essence products so I thought I'd show you how I do my eye makeup using one brand. Firstly I always apply concealer on my eyes. I use the Essence 3-in-1 Concealer. This is real handy as its for 3 uses. The pink to cover dark circles for the eyes and the green to cover any redness and the normal concealer to put over the green and pink. I use my Cala 513 Concealer Brush to apply this and it comes out really well. Next I apply my Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base all over my eyelid. I have very veiny eyes so this hides my veins and makes eyeshadow go on smoothly without creasing it and it makes the eyeshadow last longer. I blend this in with a sponge as I find a brush just doesn't do it.

Essence Eyeshadows from left to right: 35 Party All Night Metallic Effect, 06 Metropolitan Sparkling Effect, 02 Blockbuster Matt Effect

Swatches of Essence Eyeshadows
My eyeshadow brushes from left to right: Mac Eyeshadow Brush, Essence Eyeshadow Brush, Essence Smokey Eye Blender Brush
These eyeshadows are soft and creamy and apply so well. I use no. 02 as an all around eyeshadow for my whole eye. It's a lovely matt, natural colour and its perfect as a base colour and I apply this with my Essence Eyeshadow Brush for this as its a flatter, biggish, softer brush that reaches my whole eye. Next I apply no. 35 eyeshadow in the crease of my eye to create a very subtle smokey eye for during the day. I use my Mac brush to apply this in my crease and then I use my Essence Smokey Eye brush in circular motions to blend it out properly. For a night look I use 06 Metropolitan in the outter corner of eye and in my crease of my eye and blend it in with my smokey eye blender brush. Using my Mac brush I line my upper lash line with whatever colour I am using in the crease of my eye.

I then apply my Essence Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara from root of tip to really lengthen and volumnise my lashes.

As you can see it's an extremely subtle look for the day. I don't like wearing heavy make up during the day, I like it natural :)

So that is basically what I do for my eyes nearly every morning. I stick to the same colours with whatever eyeshadows I'm using. I find with my eye colour being hazel, coloured eyeshadows just don't suit me and in any case I love natural colours.

What do you think of my eye routine?
Do you do anything similar?