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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hello June

Not to state the obvious or anything but it's June already! We're half way into the year and I remember the 1st of January like it was yesterday. Really where are all these months going? We really need to take things slower and think for longer than a second. Rushing around isn't getting you anywhere really so I've learned to take things slower and do whatever I'm doing more thoroughly and efficiently. This month is about doing things for yourself and learning to say no once in a while.

At work for instance if someone wants you to do something, do it when you can and do it slowly and thoroughly so the person doesn't bore down on you like 1000 hungry bears that have been hibernating forever and even if they are rushing you do it in your time. I'm not saying to leave it for next week when you have free time, do it that same day they asked you but do it when you've cleared through most of your work. Where I work they all ask me to do something and one person in particular will rush me and ask for it constantly and then I end up rushing and stressing and then end up not doing it right and that person decides to do it themselves. Firstly anybody who asks you to do them a favour should in turn remember that you have your own work to do and that most importantly you are doing them a favour. Now this person where I work has now realized I work better when I work slowly and they've learned not to rush me even though they are impatient for it.

Also learn to say no once in a while even though its hard but really if you have a lot to do and somebody asks you to do something for them just explain to them that you're very busy and (in the kindest possible manner) politely ask them if they can do it themselves or the other alternative is ask if its okay if you do it tomorrow or whenever you feel your work load won't be too much. They should understand this since they are clearly busy to do it themselves as well. And remember once you do one person a favour everyone will come running to you for favours. People don't use their own initiative anymore to come up with plans, they would rather off load it onto sombody else to deal with their problem and you don't want to be that person. I'm not saying be horrible or unapproachable and always say no but make sure people know that if you're busy you're not going to be able to do their jobs for them. Make sure people know that you're a really nice person that they can't take advantage of all the time but they can still ask for help and they can still approach you.

I guess it's hard to listen to a 19 year old about life advice but I really have learned a lot in life as I've had my fair share of high school drama's to fall back on for life lessons and obviously I've studied other peoples mistakes and I learned from that too. I've learned that Sometimes in life you have to disappoint a few people and sometimes you have to put yourself first. Just remember those people asking you to do them a favour are putting themselves first too so why can't you do it too? Do things for yourself too not just others. Theres more to life other than making other people happy.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hello April

Wow time has gone by so quickly, it's already another month! This makes me think that humans really waste time and don't appreciate every day like its a blessing. We are always hoping that the day will go quicker so that we can get to the Friday afternoon when we all finish work and can relax. We go through the rest of the week almost as if we are on auto pilot just waiting for the weekend. I'm guilty of this too.

Monday's are the worst days of all time. I think every person on the planet complains about a Monday and I am very guilty of this. I hate Monday's, I really do because I feel so dead and unresponsive to a Monday that I make myself miserable without even realizing it as I'm so negative towards Monday's. To be honest I hate all days that aren't Friday, Saturday and Sunday and that frame of mind really does affect everything I do. Ever since I started reading Louise's Motivational Monday posts I really did start trying to be better about Monday's and every other day for that matter. It did help but I think it would be more helpful for myself if I started doing my own posts inspired by Louise's posts. So this will be a monthly post for the begininng of every new month.
This post is about living and loving your life every second of the day. You are the one that can make your life fun and relaxing not the weekend. You make the decisions about your life so make them positive decisions. Start with loving everyday of the week not just the weekends. Think about how much time has been wasted and there are people out there that are wishing for more time. Do everything you want to because people ending regretting what they haven't done more than what they have done. Don't wish your days away because every day is a blessing in disguise and only you can make the most of it.

I really hope this post helped and if you have any ideas for these kind of posts let me know please!