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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mothers Day

For Mothers Day yesterday we all went to my sister's place and we had stir fry for a lunch. My mother was spoilt rotten as she deserved to be. My sister and I went to this shop called Poetry and the sell everything there, from bath milk to candles to scarves and clothes and even pretty door knobs. I got my mom the Frangipani Bath Milk - R130 - and I can still smell the fragrance in the bathroom and she used it yesterday morning. My mom loves floral, woody scents and Frangipani is a very floral smell. I'm not sure if this moisturises your skin or anything but I'll use a little bit some time and do a review. I also got her a pearl bracelet from Poetry. My moms been looking a bracelet lately so I thought it was perfect for her. Next I went to my favourite store Dischem - you should all know that one! I got her three nail polishes as shes been saying that she wants more pinky nude nail polishes. I got her Essie Mademoiselle, a perfect sheer pink that can be used for a french manicure - my moms already got Essie on! She loves Essie! The other two nail polishes are from Catrice Cosmetics in the shades Don't Tell Mademoiselle and Bonjour Cherie. Don't Tell Mademoiselle is a pinky nude colour while Bonjour Cherie is a proper nude, with these nail polishes they say you can make a classic french manicure with them. Lastly I got her some mint chocolates because she loves her mint and who doesn't like being given chocolate on a special day? My sister got her the Frangipani Body Butter and soap. My mom says the body butter is so thick and great for winter!

What did you get your mom?

I had to add these shoes in that I wore on Mothers Day. They're minty blue pumps with small, spiky studs on them. I like that the studs don't look too hardcore or anything, these shoes still manage to look girly and pretty. I'm still in the process of wearing them in so they do hurt my feet a little bit but otherwise they are very comfy shoes and look great with all outfits! I'm thinking maybe I should start doing some fashion pieces for my blog too...? What do you think?

Monday, 15 April 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today, the 15th of April, is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life. I love you Mom! (big hug!!)

I thought I'd show you some things my dad and I got her, I didn't have a chance to take a photo of the things my sister got her but I'll just tell you what she got my mom instead.

My dad got my mom a pair of pajama's from Woolworths for R195. The pajama's have "coffee" and "cuppacino" written on it. My mom really loves her pajama's, especially with winter coming up. My mom is a very simple person to buy for because my mom literally appreciates everything you get her and she loves all kinds of things.

Above are the things I got my mom. I got her a Marine & Mint Exfoliating Shower Gel - R50, Rose & Sandalwood Fragranced Soap (my mom smells these nearly every single time we go to Woolworths) this was about R29.95. I also got her a lipstick from Woolworths, it's a sheer dark red colour for R110 also from Woolworths. My mom loves her dark red lipsticks. Next I got her a nail brush with a pumice attached. My mom loves things that'll take care of her feet. I don't remember how much this was but I got it from Clicks. I got her the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant for R165 at Edgars. My sister had this and my mom always used to use it so I thought it was perfect to give to my mom.

My sister got my mom all Body Shop products. She got her a Moroccan Rose Body Butter, a Moringa Body Scrub, a rose hand cream and a rose gardenia candle.

So that's it! Happy Birthday mom, I hope you have an absolutely terrific day :) I love you!

Is your moms birthday coming up soon?
I hope you got some ideas on what to get your mom if shes into the same thing!

*Sorry that the photos aren't clear! I had to take them at night time when my mom was asleep...