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Friday, 20 December 2013

A Mini LUSH Haul

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you would surely know how excited I was when my LUSH order arrived on Tuesday - so much so that I nearly hugged the delivery guy when I saw what he was carrying. I thought I'd show you what all I ordered and get you excited (hopefully) about reviews on each one of them soon.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Clarins Promotion

About two weeks ago Clarins had a promotion where you buy two products, one being a lotion and one a serum or toner and you get a free bag, Eau de Jardins and two free sample products of your choice. I'm a bad beauty blogger though. I didn't even know that Clarins was running a promotion, apparently there were adverts on TV and in magazines but I didn't even know about it until I went to the Clarins stall one Saturday (I wasn't planning on buying anything either) and the sales girl told me about it... well I couldn't say no to an offer like that, now could I and the sales girl really was good. So for literally 10 minutes or longer the sales girl and I stood there discussing the different products that Clarins had to offer, what was best for my skin and what I wanted out of the products and I ended up walking out with two Daily Energizer products, a free bag, perfume and two free samples... I was happy as can be, although my bank account wasn't.

Now I love this bag, its a great size and great for piling in a few things in on the go if you're going to the beach or a day out. The Eau de Jardins perfume is a winner! It smells so good and you can smell it all day. It's supposed to uplift, refresh and captivate and let me tell you, it does all of the aforementioned but I will do a single post about that later once I know exactly how to describe it - yes its that good. The two free samples that I got was the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream and the Beauty Flash Balm. I chose the hand and nail cream for my mom because shes a sucker for hand creams and I don't really like hand creams. They leave my hands greasy and I just don't like the feel of cream on my hands - cringe. My mom says it softens your hands from the first use and it really sinks in so there's no feeling of grease on your hands. I chose the Beauty Flash Balm as I've heard so many good things about it and before going out and buying a full version I wanted to try it first. So far so good but I've only used it twice and I haven't fully formed an opinion yet so I will do a seperate post about that soon. The two Daily Energizer products are great so far and again I will do a seperate post for these two.


Monday, 29 April 2013

A Beauty Haul

As you can all see I went a little mad when I went shopping this weekend and I got a bit obsessed with Catrice Cosmetics. They have such amazing stuff for such reasonable prices. I could spend an hour just standing and staring at the Catrice stall. Ayways my haul consists of - in no particular order: Palmers Cocoa Butter for dry skin, Catrice Eyebrow Stylist, Catrice All Round Concealer, Essence Sun Club Eyeshadow Palette 02, Catrice Volume Plus Length Mascara, Revlon Colourstay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze, Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder, Catrice Infinite Matt Make Up, Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner, Trevor Sorbie 18-MEA Lipid Shine Shampoo, Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer, Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder and last but not least Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant.

So that's my haul for this month and I'll do a seperate post for each product as I test them out.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Mini Haul

Yesterday after a LONG day of work I decided to go get a few things to treat myself. My boyfriend came along with me (although I'll never do that again because the amount of questions he asked about makeup were unbearable - Ladies be warned...) So lets start!

My mini haul looks too cute!

My haul consists of:

Michel Mercier Professionel detangling brush for normal hair - R98.95.

Right at the top of the photo is the Catrice Defining Blush in Love&Peach - R45.95. I'm trying this cosmetics brand for the first time so I'm praying they work wonders since it's so affordable!

In the middle of the photo in a matt black tube is Catrice Ultimate Moisture in 030 Honey - R73.95. I'm wearing this today so I'll review tomorrow what my thoughts are about this stuff but so far so good!

Just a close up on the three products I just listed :)

Next, under the blue bottle, is a Cala Professional Concealer 513 Brush - R49.95. I used this today and it speads the concealer very well especially for under the eyes. It's quite a sturdy brush and it's affordable. Hope it lasts long though!

The big blue bottle is Trevor Sorbie Professional Beautifully Moisturised Ultimate Moisture Mask - R99.95. This is for thick hair and it says it creates a heat protectant barrier and it enhances shine. Another new brand I'm trying so hopefully it won't dissappoint me. I'm going to the beach this weekend so it will be the perfect time to test this out along with the Michel Mercier brush.

Last but not least is Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Compact Powder in 02 Sand (how offensive that my skin can be called the colour of sand) - R39.95. It fight spots? Somehow I really doubt that and I won't really be able to test that theory out because that would mean to stop washing my face with face wash and I will not do that. Someone brave enough to try? I didn't buy this for it's "anti-spot" factor, I just needed a compact powder.

Another close up!

So there is my mini haul! I will review all these products in time. The brush I will probably review later today so that I can test it throughout the day but so far I have not been dissappointed!

Have you tried any of these products before?

P.S My nail polish has finally chipped! So that nail polish has lasted for 5 days. Don't know about you, but that is long enough for me! You can see my review on my nail polish here.