Thursday, 27 March 2014

Revlon Photoready BB Cream

Ahh the Revlon BB Cream. Revlon and BB cream? I'm there. I love Revlon products and I love BB creams so for me this was love at first sight and I just had to get it. It took me a long time though because I couldn't ever find my colour and I finally got it and boy was I excited!
I don't think I have particularly bad skin, although the past two weeks would tell you different story. A few blemishes, redness and dullness but thats about it so I never feel the need to go for a foundation because I don't really like that heavy coverage and lately I've literally just been wearing concealer on blemishes and under my eyes. BB creams are right up my street because they cover, make skin appear dewy, primes and evens out the skin. Lets admit it, BB creams claim a lot of things and not all companies can really deliever, apart from that Garnier BB cream for oily and combination skin that I love so much. So I wasn't expecting a lot from this but wow.

Revlon BB cream - R169.90 - claims to prime, hydrate, blur imperfections, mattifies and protect with an spf of 30. The spf 30 freaked me out a bit because of the ghostly white face in flash photos but honestly this actually doesn't have that ghost face appearance. Big ups to Revlon for that one! The formula is very thick and creamy when applied and it smoothes over my skin so well. Its quite sheer and it seems like you haven't put enough product on but I find it settles and offers coverage as the day goes on. Its long lasting and makes my skin look glowing, fresh and dewy while still matte, blemishes are covered although concealer needs to be popped on.

The shade variety is not wide at all. They only have four shades and I have the lightest shade in Light. The tube is thin so when you pack your makeup bag it'll take no space up at all. I really actually love this BB cream because the coverage is light enough for me, the shade matches my skin tone perfectly, my skin looks dewy but matte and it looks so lovely and natural. I think this is such an underrated product. If you love a sheer light base, this is for you. You can see what this look like on my skin in this FOTD post.

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