Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Midweek Mender | Me Time

There are just days when all I want to do is crawl up into bed with candles, Vampire Diaries and hot chocolate - even on hot days - and those days are usually during the middle of the week. Sometimes I just feel like Wednesdays are just as bad as Mondays are. By Wednesday I am frazzled, over worked, tired, grumpy, the list could go on. By midweek our (or just mine?) stress levels are at their most ‘I need a chocolate bar or this is not going to be pretty’-est, causing cortisol levels to rise which can lead to the skin’s strength to weaken and oxygen flow to diminish and you just feel down right moody and horrible. A prescription to hump day blues? A good chillax’.
I'm in the process of moving so boxes are crowding my room and things are packed up. It's been a very stressful week thus far, from moving to work being stressful and overloaded and having an assignment due (which I haven't even started on I might add...) so this "me time" is sorely needed. Putting on a great smelling candle like the one I had which is Vanilla Cookie. It smells so much like a vanilla cupcake - and yes I've wanted to eat it at times - this fills my whole room with this heavenly smell and puts me in an instant good mood, relaxation at its best. I fix myself a cuppa frothy hot chocolate, lie on my bed and read a good book till my hot chocolate is at an end. Another great way to perk myself up and feel better is by popping on a brightening mask or a proper cleaning mask. For this purpose, because of how shit horrible I was feeling, I decided to use this new Dirty Works Detox Mask from Clicks. This instantly makes my skin feel clean and fresh from all toxins, makeup and whatever else and it smells devine!

Personally I love a good candle, book and mask or a warm bubble bath for a pick me up. What you do for your Midweek Mender is ultimately up to you. I could have a midweek me time pick me up every day if I could. What do you think of a "Me Time" series?

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