Wednesday, 12 February 2014

LUSH Rehab Shampoo

In November sometime I ordered from LUSH and got a few things like soap and a face wash and two hair products, one of them being the Rehab shampoo - R85. This has got to be my most used and most favoured products from LUSH that I've ordered. It works so well and my hair feels and smells better than ever.
Its quite a small tube and at first I thought it would be finished within a couple months since I use a lot of shampoo, but you use a little bit in the palm of your hand, and boy does this stuff spread and lather up. Its quite runny in texture and so be careful when you first use this because you tend to squeeze hard and then a lot more product comes out than you intended.

I can't even describe the smell to you, its smells very herby like rosemary and such, the scent lingers in my hair for a while. LUSH scents tend to be a love or hate relationship and for me this scent is pure love. My mom also really enjoys it and I ask her to smell it every time I use this.

Speaking of, I use this nearly every week mainly because I tend to use a lot of conditioner, hair masks and sprays in my hair, which leaves a lot of residue and can make my hair limp and oily. This acts as a clarifying shampoo, although its not as harsh or stripping as some clarifying shampoos, I think because it contains olive and jojoba oils which is said to restore hair. It cleans my hair to the next level because of the enzymic papaya, leaving it clean of all past products and pollution from the air and it soothes my scalp because of the almond oil that it contains which conditions my hair. Rehab shampoo is definitely for damaged hair that literally needs some rehab and TLC.

Once I've used this my hair feels full of life, soft and clean. It gives my hair a bit of a bounce and fullness to it and my hair looks and feels healthier. Sunday nights are now my favourite Rehab nights...

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