Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Barbara Hofmann Foundation Brush

The Barbara Hofmann Foundation Brush is something that I bought without much investigation into the brand. It just looked like a very impressive stand of makeup brushes at Dischem and I've been looking for a buffing foundation brush for a while, so my impulsive self threw it into my shopping bag without much thought.

Firstly the site is in German, leading me to believe its made in Germany (obvious much?). So my research stopped where I couldn't understand it. It was such a cheap brush compared to others - only costing R169.90. I love that the brush and handle look classy because of the silver and clear handle (can a brush look classy?). Its quite densely packed, full of soft bristles but I believe it could work and buff better if the bristles weren't as long cause it tends to bend around a lot because of the length.

To be honest I don't think it did my foundation any justice, it was quite hard to blend and I found it took a long time to actually spread and blend out. I also found that in the end my foundation actually came off due to me trying to blend it and buff it into my skin. It was strenuous work for me and we all know I'm lazy. BUT for concealer!! My friends, my concealer and this brush are best friends. I don't know why I can't use foundation and this brush together, possibly because its too small for my face, but concealer blending is just a dream. I dot the concealer where needed (on spots and under my eyes) I just buff and blend this in in circular motions and wow. The finished look is airbrushed and it blends into my foundation and skin like you wouldn't believe.

You don't need as much concealer as you would without using this because of how this brush blends, spreads and buffs the concealer in. I wish I could make this work for my foundation but I've tried it a few times and this morning before I wrote this post, but alas it was not meant to be. Maybe if the bristles were shorter and if the brush itself was a bit bigger?.. Still super impressed though.

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  1. If I had to review this brush for foundation it would pretty much be exactly the same as yours. I was highly disappointed.
    But I tried it with a cream foundation (Kryolan dermacolour) and OMG I was flawless
    Use in small downward strokes and then blend in any lines or streaks once you're done.
    It was amazing


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